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Welcome to Waterproofmedia!

We are a network of passionate pros in digital marketing and communications and we help new and existing brands grow with data-driven growth. This could be growth in awareness, leads, community or working more efficiently and fun so that there is more room for your own personal growth. We help you tell your own authentic story and that of your brand, making it easier to connect and achieve your goals. With the help of tooling, we create a good workflow with an overview so that you can do what you do best: delivering a great product or service!


What we do


We help our clients with an action plan that focuses on where the points that make the company special meet customer demand. We help with basic content and channel setup where the customer is located. We include your tech SEO as much as possible.



Content Marketing

Once the strategy is in place, we will work on the content calendar and develop the post, blogs and videos in the tone of voice of the target group. For content SEO, find the right keywords and integrate them into the content. In practice, these are processes that you carry out and optimize every month.


We work with Google's See, Think, Do and Care model, which has been developed to evaluate and improve customer journeys at different stages of the purchasing process. We often also build a real-time dashboard in this phase that provides commitment and focus within the organization.


We are Waterproofmedia



Copy / SEO

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Stories & Visuals

3D graphics

Video / Events

Sjors - 3D en VR Specialist

Video / VR artist


The Master of Unreal & Sound

Nick B
3D / Audio

SEO WordPress Master

WordPress / SEO

Trends / Socials

What our clients say

"You guys rock when it comes to bringing inspiration to the table and motivating the team to get things done. I hope to work with you more on future projects and I can recommend you to any company that wants to share its story and digital must optimize performance! 🚀" Michiel

"I got to know Pieter as a hands-on and enthusiastic marketing specialist with growth hacking skills. Together with the rest of the team, Pieter was able to further the nlgroeit brand on both a strategic and operational level (website, SEO & marketing automation)." Niek, nlgroeit

"Pieter and his team are skilled marketing specialists who have advanced our brand on both a strategic and executive level. Pieter did not lose sight of the KPIs and objectives. A nice deliverable from Pieter is the digital KPI dashboard, which makes us better able to can be managed based on the KPIs." Michiel, Project Manager KVK

AI Art developed for our agency.
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AI visual Willem Brader
Wave creation
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Virginie Manjoero
Virginie Manjoero